About Us

When MoeMo came to the US from Trinidad a little over 21 years ago, she had no idea she would be telling you about her natural hair journey to having her own brand. MoeMo is Trinidadian and Dominican and her hair mixture is crazy.  She definitely has two hair types, most days she could be a 4A/B and other days a 4A/B & C. 
Let’s paint the picture for you! Her nickname growing up was "The Mop." That’s how Moe's family described it. It wasn’t like the mops we know of now. It was the old fashion wood sticks with the BIG clothe like twine looking ones. So, when she turned 12 her aunty relaxed her hair to help control and manage that mane they called "The Mop." 
Needless to say Moe loved it! She kept It relaxed for the next 25 years and more. Yes, she was just like you, living a relaxer’s Queen life. It wasn’t until she was expecting her third child that the natural hair boom was the thing to have. Moe wanted to make a change and do better for her unborn son. Once she started, she soon realized the Natural hair movement was actually overwhelmingly saturated with a lot of products that promised to work, however they didn’t.
The struggle was real for Moe. Now keep in mind that she has a triple combination hair type. Therefore finding products that worked was a challenge. Moe found herself frustrated with:
1. Her hair looking crazy
2. White flakes everywhere
3. A product basket (product junky)
4. Wasting time and energy
5. Let’s not forget money!
The problem wasn’t necessarily that the products weren’t good. The problem was the combination or combining them didn’t work for her. Moe had to manage the hair type she had and to learn by using the correct combinations of products.
At this point, Moe was one a mission to find the correct natural hair products that worked best on her hair and her entire family. A brand that was toxin free and safe. She tried every brand you could think of! Her journey took her to YouTube where she started blogging, creating videos and content for OTHER brands. Moe soon discovered it wasn’t as easy as it seemed. She grew increasingly overwhelmed, having a family and still working full time was a lot.
Moe eventually stopped soon after she began.  Nope, not her cup of tea. 
Moe eventually realized she was spending way too much time promoting other brands. So, she decided it was time for her to help others with the knowledge she had and develop her own brand. Moe wanted to create a brand that an entire family would feel safe buying and using. A one stop shop!
Now 5 years later, here she is with her very own brand. Say hello to MoeMo’s, an all natural, safe ingredients, vegan friendly product line. Based on her experiences working with other hair brands and having multiple hair types. She knew EXACTLY what was needed for most hair types. She would never compromise the ingredients for money and she promises the best ingredients without toxins. 
Look no further than MoeMo’s! Our Products have caught the attention of CSR-Cosmetic Science Review. The article gave us even more value and accreditation of being 100% safe for families. Check it out on Instagram @cosmeticsciencereview
- MoeMo
Remember You're Beautiful Just The Way You Are!